We’re almost at the end of our tour of Nordic countries where you can vacation. And now we come to a country that may not pop up on world new often, but is absolutely breathtaking and doing really well in silence. Welcome to our tourist/vacation review of Norway. Tighten your seatbelt, and get ready to have your mind blown, you might even be purchasing a ticket as soon as you finish reading this.

Norway is a very beautiful country, sparsely populated, and tucked away nicely in a corner of Europe. This nation has been ranked, more than once, by the United Nations Human Development Report (UNHDR) as the ‘best country to live in’. This positive ranking by the United nations is due to the fact that there’s a very high level of literacy coupled with cultural freedom and a near perfect human rights record. You can therefore be sure that, when vacationing in Norway, you are completely safe (the country has one of the lowest crime rates in the world), and you’ll also be interacting with some highly educated citizens.

Okay, it’s now time to talk about why you’re here. What’s there to actually see in Norway? Check the list below out:

  • Skiing spots: As a skiing enthusiast, Norway is definitely the place for you to be. With many nice snow covered slopes, you are sure to find somewhere to test your skiing abilities on and have some crazy, crazy fun. Hemsedal is a town known to have a lot of skiing resorts and you’re sure to have lots of fun conquering the slopes on your ski boots. Hafjell also attracts a lot of sports minded tourists, and for not just skiing but sledding, tubbing, and other fun winter activities as well.
  • Waterfalls: From the Kjosfossen waterfalls which are visible while travelling by rail, to the Voringsfossen, and the “seven sisters”, Norway’s waterfalls will remind you of your insignificance on the cosmic scale and lead you to ponder life from a far more objective perspective. You’ll get to see gushing floods of water cascading down from high hills and rocks, providing a mind-blowing and magnificent sight which will trigger you to appreciate nature far more than you have ever done.
  • Oslofjord: You can hardly visit any Nordic country without finding a fjord, Norway is not an exemption, the Oslofjord with its collection of other-worldly islands will thrill you endlessly and you’ll be more than glad to have visited. Beyond just offering a picturesque sight for viewing, you can also swim, canoe, fish, or just have fun with friends and family taking the whole scenic view in.

Apart from just being a place to spend one vacation, Norway’s beauty and exquisiteness qualify it as a candidate for everybody’s bucket list. Everyone should get to experience Norway at least once in their lifetime.