I’m sure that for a couple of folks reading this, the only time you ever heard about the Dominican republic was when some parts of the movie Fast and furious were shot there (Well, it also does rhyme with Dominic Torreto). However, beyond just being used for shooting movies, the Dominican Republic may be your next vacation stop. Obviously, the proximity to the United States (located in the Caribbean region, close to South American countries like Haiti and others) compared to other vacation resorts and location is already a huge advantage, this means you don’t have to move too far from home. That said, here are some even more attractive things about the Dominican Republic that will be sure to attract you.

Great Weather, Perfect Beaches

If you’ve ever dreamt of lounging away in the sunshine, getting a nice tan, strolling along beaches with white, grainy sand. Congratulations, your dreams are about to come true. The Dominican Republic has sites like this in abundance. Even more interesting, luxurious palms dot the landscape giving you the impression of being a character in a fairy tale. The Dominican vacation experience is something you should consider strongly. You don’t want to miss this for any reason.



The Dominican Republic is as modern as any country can get. Boosted by a stable government and a booming economy that has been on a steady rise. In addition to this, there’s an also increasing community of expatriates working within the region, all of this has made the government to provide the necessary amenities to sustain a high standard of modern living. Good roads, theatres, malls, museums, stadium, and steady electricity. Vacationing in the DR will be a home away from home experience for you.


Budget Friendly Costs

With generally low real estate and housing costs, you don’t have to worry about expensive hotel bookings. Also, since the economy is strong, prices are generally low, and this is definitely a far better deal than shelling out mega bucks in some glamorous holiday getaway.

Finally, the assortment of people you’ll meet, both local and expatriates will broaden your scope of contacts and you’ll get the chance to learn more about new people. This variety is not limited to people alone as you’ll also get to check out various dishes and possibly take some recipes back home to try out.

All in all, The Dominican Republic is your best bet if you’re looking to “chill” in the Carribean on a restricted budget.  Read More